Thursday, 17 January 2013

Adult Caspian Gulls (2)

Recently down on the North Tees Marshes there has been numerous Caspian Gulls of varying ages, with 1st and 2nd winters being most prevalent over a series of weeks, however adults have been noted on at least 4 occasions (RCT/DF/AK/MN). They have been present since November 2012 and it now appears apparent that Caspian Gull is to become a regular and expected winter visitor, news to delight many I'm sure!

Here is some poor record shots of 1 of the adult Caspian Gulls from Saturday the 12th.

(Caspian Gull - copyright Andrew Kinghorn) 

(Caspian Gull - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

Here are some more poor shots of the second Caspian Gull found just meters away from the first. 

(Caspian Gull - copyright Andrew Kinghorn) 

(Caspian Gull - copyright Andrew Kinghorn)

In addition to these two adults 2 2nd winter Caspian Gulls were present, however due to either briefness of sighting or distance there are no photos or videos of either.

Videos of these two adults in HD can be viewed on my YouTube video channel here

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