Sunday, 12 February 2012

Glaucous Gull (larus hyperboreus) - Hartlepool Headland - February 2012 - John Bridges

Here are some imaged far better than my own of one of two Glaucous Gulls (larus hyperboreus) present at Hartlepool Headland in Durham (Cleveland) at the present time. I cannot say I have definitely seen both birds as my images seem to indicate I have only seen the same bird on many occasions. I think first-winter Glaucous Gulls like this individual are smart birds and always superbly marked.

(Glaucous Gull - © John Bridges)
A smartly marked bird, size can vary but most approach the size of Great Black-backed Gulls and some may even be larger (or appear to be). The fairly short primary projection is evident and obvious on this perched bird, coupled with the large bill and size this bird should cause little problem for anyone in the field. 

(Glaucous Gull - © John Bridges)
Nice almost translucent wing effect often evident from both above and below, often creates a sharp contrast between primaries/secondaries and rest of upperparts. 

(Glaucous Gull - © John Bridges)
A nice shot showing the creamy brown underparts, bicoloured bill, and fairly densely barred undertail covets. 

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